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Signs & Symbols
102 Forsyth Street
Lower East Side
New York City

Opening Reception: September 14 - 6pm
Exhibition: Sep 15 - Oct 21

New York Solo Show. See you?


Tresholds. Limits of Space

Ungererstrasse 158
80805 München

Opening: September 13 - 7pm
Exhibition: Sep 14 - Dec 9

The upcoming exhibition cycle, conceived by Berlin-based curator Lukas Feireiss, starts with the group exhibition Thresholds. Limits of Space. Based on Bruce Nauman’s seminal work Body Pressure (1974) which provides a set of typed out instructions for merging their bodies with an architectural surface, the exhibition explores the corporal-spatial unit of critically experiencing space through the works of different generations of artists. In her ingenious single channel video performance entitled Little Frank and His Carp (2001), the American artist Andrea Fraser is for example seen walking around the atrium of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao listening to the institution’s official audio guide, which culminates in an almost erotic encounter between the artist and the architecture. In a newly conceived site-specific work Korean-artist Jeewi Lee makes the invisible visible in the exhibition space, whilst German artist duo Wermke/Leinkauf investigate the surmounting of architectures in Berlin’s former border area in a mixed-media installation and Berlin-based artist Raul Walch transforms city hydrants in the surrounding urban environment into ephemeral fountains.

Artists: Bruce Nauman, Andrea Fraser, Jeewi Lee, Raul Walch, Wermke/Leinkauf


Activism in Storytelling

Lumière Cinema Maastricht

Saturday, Apr 21, 7:30pm

How do storytellers relate to current, pressing issues of today? What is the meaning of activism in storytelling and art? When and why do writers, filmmakers and artists become activists? Get inspired by storytellers like authors OLUMIDE POPOOLA (Germany/UK/Nigeria), PRIYA BASIL (UK/Germany/Kenya), artist MISCHA LEINKAUF, author ADRIAAN VAN DIS and filmmaker BERI SHALMASHI (Amsterdam/Erbil).
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HAM - Helsinki Art Museum

Exhibition: Apr 6 - Sep 9, 2018

The Exhibition explores graffiti culture and ownership of urban space. It explores the historical roots of graffiti and its present manifestations, with particular focus on the links between Helsinki culture and the international field. On the other hand the show consists of works of art that feature the public space and its utilisation as a place for art. The show features contemporary artworks that bear an affinity with graffiti through their autonomous mindset and use of urban space. for more info click here


Shaping Democracy @ MuseumsQuartier Vienna

Exhibition/Screenings: Mar 22 - Jun 03, Tue to Sun 13-20:00
Press Tour: Wed, Mar 21, 11:00
Opening: Wed, Mar 21, 19:00

Q21 exhibition space, Museumsquartier Vienna
Admission free

100 years, 8 topics, 24 short films: the audiovisual exhibition “shaping democracy – the republic in 24 frames per century” takes visitors on a participative tour through the history of the Austrian Republic based on its guiding principles and paradoxes. How the country sees itself and how it is seen from outside, its political and cultural self-image, and the Republic’s individual and collective memory are illuminated from a contemporary perspective. Curated by Doris Bauer and Daniel Ebner from the short film festival VIS Vienna Shorts.

Artists: Gregg Biermann (USA), Bojana Bregar (SVN, Robert Cambrinus (AUT), Gita Ferlin (AUT), Gabriel Gauchet (FRA), Katarzyna Gondek (POL), Santiago Bou Grasso (ARG), Katharina Gruzei (AUT), Lutz Henke (GER), Peter Hörmanseder (AUT), Florian Kindlinger (AUT), Timo Klöppel (GER), Peter Kutin (AUT), Boris Labbé (FRA), Maria Lassnig (AUT), Johann Lurf (AUT), Bjørn Melhus (GER/NOR), Mischa Milinović (Peng!) (GER), Jean Peters (Peng!) (GER/FRA), Norbert Pfaffenbichler (AUT), Britta Schoening (AUT), Volker Schreiner (GER), Veronika Schubert (AUT), Hubert Sielecki (AUT), Michaela Taschek (AUT), Peter Tscherkassky (AUT), Lisa Weber (AUT), Paul Wenninger (AUT), Wermke/Leinkauf (GER), Sandra Wollner (AUT), Daniel Zimmermann (AUT)