Performing the Border

Performing the Border
Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Herrengasse 13, Vienna

Jun 1 - 7pm - Opening
on view till Jul 22
Jun 2 - 5pm - Talk with Jana J. Haeckel, Petra Poelzl and artists of the exhibition

The exhibition Performing the Border presents artistic works which are not satisfied with the obvious and evident and choose to focus their attention beyond to the outside. In a present time, where large parts of the globe are marked by racism, isolation, restricted freedom of the press, and “post-factual” debates, the artists plot scenarios in which the dubious categories of the “own” and the “foreign” can become tangible for the viewer. They conceive the complex field of national, ethnic, social, digital, and sexual identity as a realm for experiment.
With: Monira Al Qadiri, Halil Altindere, Francis Alÿs, Ursula Biemann, Tiffany Chung, Julien Creuzet, Khaled Jarrar, Leon Kahane, Martin Krenn/Oliver Ressler, Eva Leitolf, Hana Miletić, Anahita Razmi, Christoph Schlingensief, Hito Steyerl, Wermke/Leinkauf, Clara Wildberger, Miao Ying


Wermke/Leinkauf @ Short Waves Festival Poznan

Exhibition, Artist Talk & Films of Wermke/Leinkauf at Polands famous Short Waves Filmfestival

Exhibition and films at Galeria Skala, Sw.Marcin 49, Poznan
Mar 21 - Mar 26
Opening Mar 21 - 6pm

Artist Talk at Galeria Skala, Sw.Marcin 49, Poznan
Mar 22 - 5pm

Film festival
Mar 21 - Mar 26


Onder ons / Amongst ourselves

CIAP - Association for Contemporary Art, Belgium

Opening: Mar 4
Exhibition: Mar 8 - May 14


Großer Hans-Purrmann-Preis der Stadt Speyer

Wermke/Leinkauf shortlisted for
"Großer Hans-Purrmann-Preis der Stadt Speyer"

Feb 11 - Mar 12
Kulturhof Flachsgasse, Speyer


Freiheit, die ich meine...

Mewo Kunsthalle Memmingen

Jan 28 – May 1


Wertical 1

Gallery Ruttkowski86, Cologne
Michael Horbach Foundation, Wormser Str. 23, 50677 Cologne

Opening: Dec 18, 12-2pm
Exhibition: Dec 19 - Jan 29